Covid safety

We travel to spread awareness and information, not the virus.
The following are some of the many precautions we take:

  1. We operate within the essential worker framework as set out by the governments.
  2. We strictly adhere to social distancing measures.
  3. We have a screening protocol in place and provide hand-sanitiser at venues.
  4. We take additional precautions when dealing with vulnerable people, such as wearing a surgical mask.
  5. While we very much appreciate all kind invitations, we can not attend social gatherings nor come inside private homes.
  6. We stay in our camper trailer, avoiding hotels and densely occupied campgrounds.
  7. We take hygienic precautions each time we shop for supplies or use public amenities.
  8. We do not stop in lockdown areas.
  9. Should we develop any symptoms of the virus, we will get tested immediately and suspend any public activity until we are cleared.
  10. Arriving in Melbourne on 25 July via ferry from Tasmania, we are driving directly to NSW to be exempt from quarantine requirements, able to start work immediately. We will visit Victoria last and enter prescribed quarantine upon our return to Tasmania.