Architects Assist Tour 2020

From 24 July 2020, we are touring the regions affected by the recent bushfires,

  • raising awareness of the services provided by our 600 members and making direct pro-bono client referrals,
  • where possible, conducting talks, Q&A and/or one-on-one advice on rebuilding and bushfire-resilient, sustainable design.

For latest updates see our Instagram.

Immediate next stops (updated daily)

  • 12/08 Tenterfield
  • Awaiting permits for QLD and/or SA

If you require assistance or would like to organise a talk/Q&A, please use contact form below.

Our itinerary and planned activities are being updated daily to reflect visit requests and public health orders as they emerge. Due to the current situation, we only plan 2-3 days ahead. (Read more about our covid measures in FAQ below.)

Working itinerary

  • July – from Tasmania direct to Southern NSW
  • August – Northern NSW, QLD, SA, VIC
  • September – return to Tasmania

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to suggest additions or organise a visit in your community.

Frequent questions & answers

  • Can we join the tour?/Can we meet?
    No. Unfortunately due to the present risk of contagion it is not possible. We must minimise any non-essential social contact.
  • Can you visit our community?
    Yes. If you’d like to organise for us to stop in your community and give talk, advice or provide referrals to architects, please get in touch using the form below.
  • Can you share my research/information?
    Yes. If you have any useful information in electronic format, (such as sustainability/resilience references, handbooks or manuals in PDF), which we could freely distribute along the way and through our website, please let us know.
  • Who is participating in the tour?
    Jiri Lev, Aleksandra Lev with their baby.
  • Can you promote our products/services?
    We will promote without obligation any sustainable, ethical products and services offered to the bushfire victims at significantly reduced rate or free of charge.
  • Do you accept funding or donations?
    No. We don’t have nor request any funding or donations. Please be careful as the AA brand has been used by scammers in the past.
  • How do you mitigate Covid transmission risks?
    We travel to spread awareness and information, not the virus. Read about our coronavirus safety measures.
  • Are you registered architects?
    No. Jiri is a graduate of architecture, a building and urban designer and a graduate member of The Australian Institute of Architects.


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