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This page is for those who lost their homes or community assets (such as shops, halls, churches or theatres) in a natural disaster or other adverse circumstances and are in genuine need of pro bono (free) assistance.

First, please find a suitable professional in our member directory below. Then, contact them directly using the form on their provider details page or phone, describing the details of your situation and the assistance required.

Your provider will assess your enquiry and explain your options: depending on your circumstances, the extent of pro bono assistance may vary, from simple advice to full service.

Our aim is to enable you to begin rebuilding your life, regardless of your situation and means.

Request assistance

Note, that providers located closer to disaster zones may be unable to take on more work, whilst those further afield or in major cities will likely be available and willing to travel to assist you.

If you are experiencing difficulty finding a provider through the directory, please get in touch directly with the AA coordinator.